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Welcome to the Biggest Biz Conference in Warri

Globalbizexplosion.com is a platform for raising business giants who matter to the world, through the purposeful engagement of the God Factor, and application of sound business principles, to produce supernatural results in entrepreneurship and business leadership

Expect Cutting-edge business skills that leverage exponential results,
* Proven secrets that sustain wealth, * Bible-based inspiration and personal development that keeps you confident, bold, and courageous to always adventure and innovate,  * Mastery of digital and online skills that keep you ahead of the competition,  * How to partner with God for supernatural business and financial outcomes, * Consistently enhancing your capacity for financial independence., * Empowering you to expand your vision into global relevance, dominance, and leadership in your field.

Skilled Speakers
Advanced Attendees
Coffee Breaks
Mentoring Opportunities
[Summit Meeting]
What We Offer

Hear 5 inspiring talks, meet the best product people in  Nigeria and get ready for an experience of a life time

3 Seminars
Join seasoned speakers who are living life on their own terms, connect with others on the journey, and take the next step.
2 Workshops
Learn from experts, network with other attendees, and learn how to control your money and use it to design a life that you love.
Tea Breaks
It's hard to learn things on an empty stomach. Unlimited tea and coffee are all part of the Financial Independence Summit.
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Genesis Expo will take place at the iconic street food venue Hawker House.

Our Speakers
Who's Speaking?

Hear 5 inspiring talks, meet the best  business and financially independent young persons in Nigeria

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